Saturday, 23 March 2013

DIY Hanging Pendant Lamp!

Hello everybody! I made this lamp for my apartment over a year ago and am finally posting it for the world to see. The main reason I decided I wanted a pendant lamp for my living room was because one of the outlets in my living room is controlled by a switch at the entrance of my apartment. It is also in an awkward location where I did not want a floor lamp. 

I love the idea of things being mismatched so I found 3 of these hanging candle holder lanterns. They're 3 different sizes and all different finishes. I also purchased a swag lamp kit shown in the picture below. The one I purchased is from home depot and can be found at the link below:

I also used S hooks and some screw in 0 hooks


  • 3 hanging candle lanterns of different sizes
  • Swag lamp kit
  • Ceiling hooks (I already had O hooks and S hooks so I used those. But you could just use ceiling plant hooks and hook the chain directly onto those. You will need S hooks to attach the chain to the lanterns unless tyou choose another method)
  • Extra chain (if needed)


  • Power drill
I started by measuring the length of chain needed for the wired pendant. You can't see it in the picture below, but the chain and wire are hung from the ceiling, then they are attatched again about 6 feet over at the ceiling against the wall where the outlet is, and then it drops straight down. 

It's been so long since I did this project I can't exactly remember but I think I ended up using the entire length of chain that came with the swag lamp kit for this. Before wiring the lamp I weaved the wire through the chain about every 4 links.

I then wired the socket inside the middle sized lantern. I just used to youtube video to learn how to wire a lamp. There are many out there. Here is a good descriptive tutorial:

I used an S hook to attach the lamp socket to the inside of the lantern and another S hook to attach the chain to the top of the lantern. Figuring out how to run the wire through and attach the socket to the inside of the lantern was the hardest part. It will be different depending on the lantern..some may be easier than the one I used. There's really no correct way..whatever

I used the 2 hooks that came with the kit to attach the wired chain to the ceiling in the 2 locations. I hung the wired lantern up first at the height I thought was best. It's at about eye level for me.

I used the power drill to drill holes in the ceiling before screwing in the hooks.

I then used the extra chain I purchased to hang the smallest and largest lantern. I hung the largest slightly below and the smallest slightly above the wired lamp. I used S hooks to attach the chain to the lanterns, and you can attach the chain directly to ceiling plant hooks.

Note: The 3 hooks for the lanterns are positioned on the ceiling in a triangle

And here is the final product!

Please let me know if you have any questions. I know the instructions aren't the greatest as I didn't take pictures of each step. 

Also note: I put a candle in the top lantern... it looked a little too plain being empty...and the colour of the candle is also the colour of my curtains on the other side of the room.


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  3. i love that! your idea to group those things together created such a great look.